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Upvest allows stock trading in Europe.

The collaboration allows the global financial super app to provide its users with an extensive range of investment choices through Upvest’s modular, accessible, and compliant InvestmentAPI that aims to make investing as simple as spending money. What does launch context mean for Revolut? Following the launch of US-listed stocks, the company was looking to expand its wealth and trading offering with exchange traded funds. According to the announcement, fractional shares enable retail investors to participate in capital markets even with a decreased budget. Upvest’s end-to-end solution is fully tailored to the Revolut brand, and consists of a white-label investment platform that includes brokerage, settlement, and custody for fractional investments. While maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements across the EU, the latter is set to provide its users with access to an extensive array of ETFs and European stocks. Upvest’s Bring-Your-Own-Licence (BYOL) Omnibus setup enables it to leverage its proprietary investment firm licences while relying on the fintech’s brokerage, settlement, and custodyFunctionality. In relation to the advantages of collaborating with Upvest, the announcement highlights that Revolut will be able to provide fractional investing with real securities, something that is believed to be appealing to retail investors particularly, as they are the legal owners of the shares and benefit from dividend rights alongside other corporate actions This is in line with ESMA’s public statement on fractional shares. Upvest can provide fractional trading with real securities by using its proprietary trading licences granted by the German financial authority. According to the announcement, by enabling customers to invest as little as one euro, Revolut believes it can attract an extensive range of investors who might otherwise not have considered investing. Both companies are going to use the current payment setup from Revolut. The InvestmentAPI lets the company use a single interface to access Upvest’s services, which keeps integration-related efforts to a minimum. The pan-European, flexible setup assists Revolut with expedited expansion across the EU with European stocks and ETFs and provide new use cases while remaining compliant with EU regulations. Upvest was the preferred choice of the Head of Wealth, and Trading (EEA) as they provided the infrastructure needed to offer ETFs to Europe-based customers.