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Tuum is a member of the partner network.

The news comes after the completion of the Foundational Technical Review and the qualification of the software. Tuum will be able to deploy its core banking platform and services more quickly thanks to the partnership. A secure and reliable infrastructure for financial services institutions is provided by the cloud platform. There are over 200 fully featured services for computing, storage, networking, database, and more. Tuum customers can now benefit from hosting its architecture on the most trusted and high-performing cloud platform. Tuum is a core banking technology provider. It’s easy to roll out new financial products and services with its cloud-agnostic solutions and platform, as well as manage the migration of legacy technologies and processes. joining the partner network Many Fintechs have turned to cloud providers for their infrastructure needs due to their rapid growth. With the ability to add or remove computing resources, fintechs can save costs and improve performance. A range of services offered by Amazon Web Services can help fintechs innovate faster and bring new products to market more quickly. Machine learning tools can be used to improve fraud detection and risk management. The ability to improve data security is one of the benefits of partnerships. fintechs can protect their data from cyber threats and comply with regulations if they use a range of security features provided by Amazon. Key management and access control are tools that can help safeguard data. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and the General Data Protection Regulation can help fintechs meet compliance requirements. For the first time, fintechs can benefit from a global network of partners. fintechs can use the global data centers of Amazon Web Services to serve customers around the world. There are a lot of partners that can be used to build and integrate services. Tuum has recent developments. Tuum is trying to improve its user experience and expand its offerings. Tuum’s payment gateway solution allows customers to make transactions directly through the Tuum platform. Tuum’s customers will benefit from the new feature, which streamlines payment processing and reduces transaction fees. Tuum’s customers can offer a wider range of payment options to their own customers with the integration of the payment gateway. Tuum has focused on improving its user experience with a new mobile app and enhanced customer support.