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Rapid Finance has a partnership with Mambu.

Decisioneer is a cloud-native digital end-to-end loan origination system that provides borrowers and lenders alike with a seamless, customised user experience. The platform helps borrowers gain access to capital quickly and efficiently. For small business, commercial, and consumer lending, Decisioneer provides lenders with real-time insights, including detailed financial profiles, debt-to-income ratio and cash flow analysis. There is an end-to-end loan service. Integrating with Mambu provides a seamless transition from loan origination to servicing. Mambu’s loan management system is complemented by Decisioneer’s borrower portal and portfolio management module to support ongoing customer relationship initiatives. Rapid Enterprise provides integrated Lending-as-a-Service solutions to its enterprise clients. With this partnership, enterprise customers can leverage the Decisioneer LOS and Mambu LMS as a single, seamless cloud-native platform for their lending operations. Mambu officials said they’re happy to partner with Rapid Finance, which has a strong track record of helping small businesses find sustainable and customised financing solutions. Mambu’s integration with the Decisioneer LOS platform enables a streamlined, digital experience for end-to-end lending to better meet the needs of our customers in the SMB market. Rapid Finance said that Mambu has established itself as a player in driving technology innovation and bringing a more modern approach to financial systems through its proven, cloud-based platform. The Decisioneer LOS was built from the ground-up to provide lenders and their business banking customers with access to a cloud-based platform and data to support smarter, faster lending.